When you’re looking for a South Morang locksmith, there are several things you should be looking for. Along with the required licenses, they should be local to your area, have good reviews, and they should be able to provide a free quote before the work is completed. 

What is included in a free quote?

A free quote helps both yourself and the locksmith achieve a few different goals. Firstly, you both understand the full scope of work. This means the locksmith understands exactly what kind of materials and existing security system he or she is working with. Secondly, a free quote helps you understand how much you will be paying. Customers generally want to price compare, and this will help you go through this process to ensure you are getting the most cost-efficient option. Lastly, this helps you understand if there are additional steps in the process that you didn’t anticipate. Though this isn’t as common, it’s a great time to identify any potential obstacles that could mean more labour and parts than anticipated.

What if your locksmith does not provide a free quote?

If a locksmith refuses to provide a free quote, you should think twice about hiring them. Giving a quote over the phone, unless it is a very straightforward job or a lockout scenario, can be inaccurate. Especially if the quote is lower than the real cost of the job, this could leave you out money that you didn’t anticipate. If a locksmith asks to be paid to travel to your location and quote out the job, that is also reason to take pause. Even if you do not like the quote that the locksmith provides or if they determine they cannot complete the job for you, you will still have to pay the call-out fee for the quote. With locksmiths who can provide a free quote, it may be in your best interest to call around and find someone who can. 

What else should I look for in a South Morang locksmith?

You’ve found a South Morang locksmith who can provide a quote, free of cost to you. There are a few other things you should check as well. Is your locksmith located in South Morang? Or will they be travelling from Melbourne CBD? Knowledge of the area and quick response time are beneficial traits to have in a locksmith, which is why you want a local locksmith. You also should confirm they are reputable. Do a quick check on Google to confirm the reviews are positive.  Seeing 5-star reviews is a great way to confirm that your local locksmiths provide an excellent service at a fair price.

If you are looking for a South Morang locksmith, we always provide a free quote before beginning the work. With our awesome google reviews and vans stationed in South Morang, we are a great option when you’re looking for your local locksmith. Should you want a free quote or have questions about the services we offer, give us a call on 1300 780 852 or leave us an enquiry HERE.