Home security tips: how to trick burglars into thinking you’re home

As restrictions are easing and the weather is warming, South Morang residents will be leaving their homes a lot more often. With the new opportunities this brings local residents, it also means empty homes to opportunistic thieves. Below are some top tips to help deter break-ins before calling your professional South Morang locksmith.

Low-cost technology solutions

There are plenty of low-cost options with easy setup that will give the illusion that you’re home when you’re actually not. Options include automated light switches that trigger at certain times of the day or night, to make it appear like someone is home inside. You can either program these to go off at the same time every day or on a more random or cyclical schedule. There are other light switch options that you can control from your phone to turn the lights on or off as you see fit.

There are also several different doorbells on the market that include a camera that’s connected to your phone app. This allows you to see who is at your door at any time and speak to them through the app. So whether you are at the grocery store or in Queensland, it will sound like you’re inside the house to anybody who rings the doorbell before breaking in (a common strategy used by intruders).

Theft deterrents that require zero installation

Based on a survey of detainees found guilty for breaking and entering, over 60% of burglars would be deterred by a barking dog. Although this does not require a locksmith or technology, it is a commitment for the next 10 years or so. Another option is to turn the TV on so the flicker of light makes it appear as though someone is home watching TV. Additionally, there are also playlists and videos that mimic home sounds – this includes coffee machines, dishwashing, vacuuming, etc. A simple search on Youtube, Spotify or your preferred streaming service will make it sound to any passerby that someone is home. It’s important to note that these options are more suited to quick trips from home as opposed to leaving on holiday for a long period of time.

When you should call your professional South Morang Locksmith

We’ve listed off a few solutions if you’re looking to trick a burglar into thinking you’re home. However, nothing works better than physically preventing them from entering. These solutions include checking and improving the security of your locks or installing motion-activated lights to the outside of your home. You can also install a home alarm system, which comes second only to a dog in deterring burglars from your home. 

If you would like to improve your home security, our professional South Morang locksmiths are happy to help. Protect your home properly so you can rest easy while away from home if just for your daily run or on a domestic trip. To get in touch with us, you can ring us on 1300 780 852 or you can leave us a message HERE.