You get in your car to head to the shops, and you can’t turn your key inside the ignition. Because it’s not associated with a vehicle lockout, you may be tempted to call up your mechanic. Many people don’t know that your local 24×7 locksmith in South Morang is your best go-to for a jammed ignition.

Why do ignition barrels get jammed?

There are a variety of reasons why your ignition is jammed. This can happen because of a worn or broken key, your steering wheel lock activating, or because the ignition cylinder has been damaged. This steering wheel lock can trigger by something as simple as moving the steering wheel before turning the car on. However, it’s hard to know what happened without exploring a few of the solutions first to diagnose the issue.

What can you do to try to unjam the ignition yourself?

If your steering wheel lock has been activated, this is likely a quick and easy fix you can do yourself before making any phone calls. First, insert your key into the ignition. Next, you will simply move the steering wheel from left to right, moving it back and forth while attempting to turn the key. Once the key turns, the wheel lock will deactivate and your car should turn on and you will be back on the road again. 

To rule out the potential that your car key has worn down, you may try to use a spare key in the ignition instead. If your original key has gotten bent or warped since the last time you used it, the spare key should start the car with no issues. If that’s the case, take both the ineffective key and spare key to your local locksmith. There’s a chance they will be able to fix the ineffective key – or at least make a copy.

If you have a more difficult issue such as a broken key or damaged ignition cylinder, you’ll find a lot of mixed suggestions on the internet. From taking a hammer to your ignition to spraying a lubricant into your ignition, there is a lot of room for errors with these suggestions. More times than not, you can end up causing further damaging to your car than there was to begin with. If there’s actual damage or broken parts to your vehicle or key, call the professionals.

How can my 24×7 locksmith in South Morang help fix this?

Your 24×7 locksmith in South Morang has the tools and experience to replace your ignition cylinder. If this service needs to be carried out on your vehicle, there are portions of the steering wheel that need to be removed as well as complete new installation of the ignition barrel. When dealing with these integral parts of your car, a locksmith will be your best bet.

Should you find yourself with a jammed ignition barrel and you can’t shake the wheel to unlock, give your local South Morang locksmiths a call. You can reach us on 1300 780 852 or you can leave us a message HERE