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Five Star Guarentee

Five Star Locksmiths offer a 30 day unconditional guarantee on our workmanship.

So if you have any problems within this time frame, we will come out on site free of charge!

Safe Locks

Safe Locks

How secure is your safe?

It’s only as good as the lock on the front in most cases.

Digital Safe Lock

Digital Safe Lock

We can supply, install and repair safes in your home, business or anywhere for that matter. Over 40 years combined experience in the industry gives us the knowledge to know what to do with your safe. Our trained techs are experts in repairing and securing safes.

The location of your safe can have a lot to do with it being a target for thieves.

The type of safe also makes a difference  as need the right type of safe of each application. There are fireproof safes, high security safes and gun safes to name a few.


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